Welcome to SCENERGIES, a good practice exchange and network platform for the sustainability and progress of small music venues in Europe. SCENERGIES- Innovative international collaboration strategies for music venues in local scenes is a cooperation project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Preparatory Action Music Moves Europe: Boosting European Music Diversity and Talent, CO-OPERATION OF SMALL MUSIC VENUES (Agreement number — EAC-2020-0803). The main goal of the project is to address the survival difficulties of small music venues by establishing synergies between music spaces in Europe, to promote the role of small music venues and ensure their relevance and sustainability in European cities.
SCENERGIES is based on the identification of good practices among the five experienced small music venues from five European countries (France, Belgium, Croatia, North Macedonia and Spain), the transfer of these good practices through training activities and the dissemination of these competitive strategies to ensure a wide coverage of the project’s impact. SCENERGIES focuses on the exchange of best practices among the partners involved, their improvement and the creation of a Toolkit and its related online Platform with instructions on the application of good practices for competitive small music venues, which can be used by the staff, trainers or managers of any music venue in Europe who is struggling to keep relevant in the current context or that simple wishes to improve the venue’s performance by carrying out innovative and ethical practices.


The partnership is based on 5 venues/cultural centres in Spain (Sala X), Belgium (4AD), France (Le Grand Mix), North Macedonia (Mladinski Kulturen Centar) and Croatia (Mochvara/CDA). Therefore, the consortium links Southern Europe with Western Europe and South-East Europe (including two ex-Yugoslavian countries).
Each part of Europe has different realities and challenges to work in which makes this project particularly interesting on a European level, as it connects different musical ecosystems. We are looking for new partners across Europe to join our Network.


Small music venues represent a diverse sector whose constituents play a vital role in the ecology of both the music industry and broader cultural sector; with positive impact on businesses, communities and economies – both local and national. Small venues are usually dependent on the market for their survival but are often subsistence rather than profit driven, and fulfil a vital role in fostering underground and emerging popular culture but are not typically supported by public funding for the arts. It is in these venues that professional musicians typically begin their careers, developing their skills and craft before scaling up to larger venues. Furthermore, as is too often overlooked, they are also where vast numbers of amateur (in the positive sense of the word) musicians first engage in music-ma- king, and often continue to do so throughout their lives. Beyond the musicians who play there, these small vees also play host to communities of fans, employees, volunteers, promoters and other enthusiasts. It is important therefore to recognize these spaces both in terms of their contribution to the economy of live music, but also to Europe’s social and cultural life.
However, small music venues are operating under significant pressures, both financial and regulatory. These problems stem from the changing music consumption trends in the one hand, and the regulatory environment and urban development trends in the other hand. These negative trends result in a fall in the number of music venues, which represents a threat to maintaining a diverse club scene in Europe. This action aims to tackle precisely this situation and valorise the role of small music venues. Specifically, the Co-operation of Small Music Venues call for proposals aims to promote sustainable live music distribution through increasing the music venues’ capacity to remain competitive in a fast changing market and regulatory environment. The SCENERGIES project is completely in line with this objective, having the main goal of addressing the survival difficulties of small music venues by establishing synergies between music spaces in Europe, to promote the role of small music venues and ensure their relevance and sustainability in European cities.


Through the project activities, a transnational cooperation, the sharing of good practices on sustainable and responsible small music venues, the partnership aims to develop and strengthen the competences of indoor venues with a capacity up to 400, offering regular live music activities.


Every partner has a wide experience in dealing with the challenges of keeping a small music venue sustainable. The partners currently carry out different good practices in their venues that target various needs, such as: attracting young people to the venues, managing ticketing internally, financial sustainability, digital innovation, environmental sustainability, gender balance, co-existence with the local community and neighbours, improving public image, relationship with local authorities, etc. These good practices that are highly useful for other small music venues in Europe will be gathered and explained HERE.

The practices of sustainability refer to the
following fields:

– Attracting young audience
– Financial sustainability (including
internal ticketing strategies)
– Digital innovation
– Environmental sustainability
– Gender balance
– Co-existence with the local community
and neighbours
– Public image
– Relationship with local authorities
– And more…

Short Staff Trainings

In order to ensure a complete enhancement and exploitation of project’s results and foster the mutual exchange of experiences and transfer of competences among the staff involved in the project, joint staff trainings will be organized in the partner countries. The training activities will involve a group of 1 staff member at least of each of the partner venues who will have the opportunity to improve their competences, share with their peers the experiences, learn, discuss and evaluate the best practices chosen by the consortium and that are part of the Toolkit.


The SCENERGIES network seeks to engage other European small music venues, which will continue to share good practices for sustainable venues after the project ends. The SCENERGIES network will continue to be active after the project ends as the members will create synergies through more best practices exchanges and will serve as a community for small venues to help each other to remain sustainable in difficult times. If you are a small music venue in Europe and you wish to join our network